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We are delighted to announce that Anthony G Quann has joined the practice. Anthony brings a wealth of experience and is a key addition to our team.

“Tony has extensive experience in the field of legal costs accountancy and brings with him a well-known reputation for developing and maintaining outstanding client relationships.”
Peter Farrell, Managing Partner

Legal Costs Accountants

Finding that important detail since 1945, Cyril O’Neill is a firm of legal costs accountants with unrivalled experience and expertise. Our costs accountants are highly skilled professionals who possess the crucial knowledge and abilities to represent your interests effectively.

Company Profile

The late Cyril O'Neill

The practice was founded in 1945 by the late Cyril O’Neill, who established a firm of highly skilled professionals in the area of legal costs preparation. His son Declan O’Neill (current Taxing Master of the High Court), along with our consultant Brendan Cooke, later became the driving forces behind the firm.

Our current Managing Partner, Peter Farrell, joined the Firm in 1982 and was soon followed by Alan Murphy and Tony Wilkins. Tommy McEvoy completed the current partnership profile having joined the practice in 1995.

Quality, experience and expertise are the essential ingredients needed to achieve results in this highly specialised area. With Tony Quann, Paschal Garrett & Neil Cooke completing our team of costs accountants, we have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to represent your interests.

Taxation of Costs

Our Services

The taxation of costs before Taxing Masters and County Registrars is a highly specialised area and our team is equipped to provide a comprehensive service in this field and all facets of legal costs accountancy.

Our highly trained and vastly experienced team offer a comprehensive range of services across the entire spectrum of legal costs accountancy.

We have the skill sets to serve the legal profession, insurance companies, the private and commercial sectors, State and Semi-State bodies, local authorities and effectively any party with a vested interest, regardless of the nature or extent of the costs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help.

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